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Much Love and God Bless,

Jeanette and Suzanne

“Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done” (Psalm 105:1 NIV).

t's really nice to have a website available directed to " A Woman's Mission in Life" Suzanne and Jeanett are in a class of their own the way they're witinesses to God thrugh the Speak Comfort website. Thank both of you ladies for devoting your time to share the Bible with us.
Christian Women's Prayer Warrior
Georgia, USA

Thank you Suzanne and Jeanette for sharing your knowledge of the Bible. When I read your articles, it's more like a Sunday School lesson for me. No matter how life seems so difficult for us, it's a blessing God has given us to know that we have a living God always looking over the needs in our lives.
Christian Women's Prayer Warrior

Myself being a teenager, and a time in my life, I was under the daily stress of peer pressure. It was my faith in God and the support of my family that changed my life for me. Thank you so much for your beautifully written website that raises our God above all.
Georgia, USA

There are 100's of websites in the internet full of Bible verses and teachings. It seems each website had a different definition of each Bible verse and what it stands for. Your lessons are what I need in my life to understand what it means to be a woman and having to deal with life for us. Thank you both.
Arden, NC. USA

In my country, unless you attend a Christian Church, we don't get the wonderful lessons about the Bible that you two ladies are offering to us from your Speak Comfort website. It's feels like a breath of fresh air to be able to read this from my home. Thank you for sharing with us.
Hamburg, Germany

Praises to God for filling Jeanette's and Suzanne's hearts, minds and souls with your love of women and all mankind to be able to write such beautiful articles about life and the Bible. Amen
Christian Women's Prayer Warrior
Ukraine & Georgia, USA

The Bible teaches us many wonderful and blessed things about our lives and how we should lead our lives. I've been reading the Speak Comfort website since almost the beginning Through Suzanne's and Jeanette's teachings, my spiritual life is improving. Thank you ladies.
Montreal, Canada

I asked my grandmother a question one time about God and Jesus. She is a reader of Speak Comfort and she asked the ladies if they could answer me on a level I would be able to understand at my age of 13. They answered on the website and now I understand. Thank you
Georgia, USA

I would like to thank you for your wonderful website. I enjoy reading your Bible verses and the lessons you write about the verses. My family converted to Christianity when I was a small child. The world now today offers so many bad challenges. Speak Comfort offers lessons about our real and living God.
Marseille, France

Thank you Jeanette and Susanne. Your website Speak Comfort is a blessing for me to be able to read your beautiful words of inspiration. My life was very challenged at one time. Because of my faith in Jesus and my best friend in America, I was able to overcome those challenges.
Barcelona, Spain

I started reading Speak Comfort several months ago. I didn't stop until I had read every page of your beautifully written Bible stories. It has put my mind to thinking, maybe I need to be more attentive to my spiritual growth and not take it for granted. Thank you for bringing this to the internet.
Jacksonville, Fla. USA

Thank you ladies for your website. It's become a devotional website for me. No frills, just all about God and the Bible. I've read other religious websites and Speak Comfort is now my go to website for a Bible study. I think you are offering blessings that no other website does for me.
Scaly Mountain, North Carolina USA

I am young, female and work in an extremely fast paced lot of travel corporate world. Sometimes my mind gets so tired I need some reassurance from God to help keep me going.  When I found Speak Comfort and Words of Comfort it always puts my mind to ease. Thank you Suzanne for Words of Comfort.
USA & Norway

Thank you ladies for the Speak Comfort website and your Bible verses and teachings. Working in my job on Sundays it's impossible for me to attend church anywhere. When I need to have a lesson in the Bible I go to to your website for it. Thank both of you so much for the dedication to God and helping me.
Kansas, USA

Thank God for this website. It is refreshingly different from many other devotional writings. I enjoy it. And thank you, Jeanette and Suzanne, for taking the time to accomplish this wonderful task. The movement of the Holy Spirit shines bright and crystal clear and so beautiful through your words to us, the readers. God bless you and your team behind the scenes, and bless you all with joy and success for your further work in Jesus Name.
R. Jedidiah, Germany